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Nature Stories, Activities and Quizzes for the Whole Family to Enjoy 
Our Accidental Letters is available from Waterstones, Amazon and direct, by emailing - Click on the supplier name above to go to their sales page. A list of stockists is also available on the "Events & Stockists" page
Book sale royalties given to the Suffolk Owl Sanctuary - May '24 (click on image to go to story)

An Amazing "Thank You" to Liberty's Owl & Raptor Centre (click name to follow a link to Liberty's) for their generous supply of owl pellets for Bohunt School "Experience" Talk
**Special April Price Via Amazon - £9.95 (Plus P&P - £2.80)

Book Extracts
"Fear and old nightmares flooded over me, along with the swirling, freezing water of the angry river as I struggled to get a breath"


"'What is it?' Zoe asked from behind me
'It looks like a Dragon's tail,' I said as Adrian peered into the sky for any passing dragon that may have lost one"

**News Flash**
Many, many thanks to all at World of Water book dept.  at The Haslemere Garden Centre, -  Last Saturday we raised just over £260 in book sales for the two charities.
     For further information email:

Book Price just £9.95  
Available to order NOW!
All Profits from this book go to Teenage Cancer Trust & Suffolk Owl Sanctuary



Wild Trout Trust (Andy Thomas)

“Our Accidental Letters by Stephen Frye is certainly not your average children’s book .... To fire a child’s imagination and then see that spark of interest grow and shape their attitude and own relationship with the natural world is just one very good reason to introduce your own children to these letters from “Uncle Steve”!

The Herald Newspapers (Tom White)

Madison Morris (Aged 12)

“... I really loved the nature stories, especially when the animals behaved badly, ... and doing the games and activities. My favourite thing was cutting up Owl Poo (Pellets)  and seeing all the bones inside ...”

“... Our Accidental Letters provides great, intimate children’s nature stories for the family to read together. If you want to pass on your love of nature to your children, this is the perfect book.” 

Mark Byford - Author & former Deputy Director-General of the BBC

“... a wonderfully creative idea, beautifully written with charm, acute observation and Kindness"

Will Dawson (Aged 10)

"I enjoyed that it was a good scary story.  I like the activities that's a really good idea"

Zoe Hoskins (Childhood Friend)

“Stephen not only takes today’s children and adults alike, back to the carefree, joyful days of his childhood in the 60’s, where he engages the reader with the stories written to entertain from start to finish, he cleverly including quizzes, puzzles and delightful sketches throughout ...This book is a wonderful glimpse back to childhood days spent with childhood friends as well as great fishing stories peppered throughout ”
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